My name is Rory Bladen. I am a freelance Industrial Designer with 10+ years professional experience and a B.Des IDDN. 

I am currently in Auckland New Zealand.  Please contact me to discuss your product development or design strategy requirements.

Unless otherwise stated all products featured are in production and © of respective client. All products, packaging, graphics, photographs & renderings are entirely my own work.


  • ProE/Creo: 10 years including Interactive Surfacing Module (ISDX)
  • Solidworks : 2001-2007
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CC suite proficient
  • Autodesk 3DS Max : 2001-2007
  • general read/write knowledge of mySQL PHP Ajax Api's git/hub
  • PAAS experience : Azure websites / services
  • experimenting with arduino <-> web and Bluetooth LE / beacons
  • currently learning Angular / MEAN stack
  • Experience

  • Hygiene Systems Development & Production - Design Director : 2010-2014
  • Hygiene Systems Development & Production - Designer : 2008/09
  • ICELAB / Roy Fleetwood - Research Associate: 2006/07
  • James Park Associates - UK : Internship 2006
  • Roy Bladen Design Ltd : Junior Designer 2005/06 (part time)
  • Oben NZ : Design Assistant 2002-04 (5 mo/yr)
  • MAP

    China / Hong Kong

    Since 2009 I have travelled regularly to the Guangdong province in the Peoples Republic of China, working closely with our manufacturer and overseeing quality control, production and tool trials. Taking advantage of the relatively cheap and easy visa process afforded to New Zealand citizens, I have been fortunate to work with some extremely knowledgeable contacts and visit a number of suppliers across the PRD economic zone.

    I have also worked with logistics providers in Hong Kong, investigating 3PL facilities and supervising contract assembly projects.


    volts at:
    SPARK Core -> Xively api
    Xively.js to subscribe
    Update: 300 seconds
    (FWIW this can also be achieved using SPARK api only but xively provides easy logging options)

    Internet + Products

    google.com/search?q="internet of things" -> about 23,900,000 results

    The voltmeter widget to the left/above is streaming live data from my desk about the state of two AAA batteries. It consists of $39 of hardware, a few lines of code and about 15 minutes setup. It's not rocket science but it helps illustrates the huge opportunity for designers as physical and digital development worlds collide, including the value of rapidly prototyping and presenting concepts -> being able to channel results to browsers or apps and present in a way which is both accessible and familiar. Even more exciting than the end user products, is the methods available. Reducing firmware by hosting code in the cloud allows for rapid continuous development. IOT, like the 'cloud', dramatically lowers the barrier to entry for SMB's to create leading edge products and processes, often faster and more advanced than legacy competitors.
    I have closely followed the connected devices industry for the past decade and tracked and tinkered with consumer level development products such as *Core, rPI, YUN, Ble and complemetary api's. Currently I am most excited about the SPARK Electron arriving in October, and Azure stream analytics + logic apps.

    Designing Business Processes

    Over the past two years one of my tasks has been building a custom CRM & ERP web based application called HOOP24/7.
    HOOP24/7 offers a web interface for both customers with ordering and support options as well as integrated live chat and order status.
    For the staff users, HOOP24/7 provides a simple single page customer management tool. Options include CRM standard operations such as contacts, addressses and customer details. Additionally, ordering setup, pricing, and a full product quoting module are built in. HOOP24/7 allows full order and support management including order processing via api integration with the inventory and accounting systems.
    hoop24/7 also integrates a fully custom designed service management tool which is currently used to configure individual service scheduling of over 50'000 pieces of equipment in the field. The design of HOOP24/7 involved an intensive evaluation and development of business processes in the target industry, and using rapid continuous deployment to evolve actions and process during an extended rollout period. Utilising a number of powerful services such as Mandrill, HOOP24/7 provides a highly consistent visual language across all customer contact points. Leveraging the Unleashed and Xero api's, hoop24/7 also saves significant order processing time. Finally built in live dashboards allow status and statistics to be easily presented using basic Raspberry Pi hardware.

    Please check out more detailed HOOP24/7 documentation in the 'work' menu above.